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Mosquito Larvae Control

Mosquitoes can be controlled by a number of methods. Source reduction through water management is the most widely used and ecologically sound approach. This method involves eliminating excess surface water. Another method is to install aerators to keep the water moving, which will prevent larvae from developing. Fish can also play a big part in the reduction of mosquitoes. Methods can also be augmented by the use of insecticides and larvicides if necessary. It is important to fully understand the life cycle, habits, numbers, and location of mosquitoes to effectively control their populations. Once again let The Pond Guy, Inc. assist you in setting up the proper management program for your specific application.

The Pond Guy, Inc. applies mosquito larvicides to catch basins which are frequently overlooked sources of mosquito larvae habitats.

New York City applies larvicides to over one million catch basins throughout the five boroughs annually to reduce mosquito populations. 

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