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Let us assist you in selecting and designing the correct system to suit your application. There are two basic types of aeration:

  1. Surface Aeration

  2. Sub-Surface Aeration


Both systems will address problems that occur in water bodies such as algae, stagnation, aquatic weeds, odors, insects, and sludge.

Surface Aeration

Surface aeration is performed using fountains that are anchored in ponds or lakes. These fountains can have many different nozzle patterns as well as lights. They do require some maintenance from time to time and need to be removed before winter.

Sub-Surface Aeration

Sub-surface aeration uses an on-shore compressor, which feeds diffusers that are placed at the bottom of the water body. The diffusers introduce bubbles into the water to achieve oxygen transfer and mixing of the water column. Sub-surface aeration is used in water bodies to prevent plant growth, improve dissolved oxygen levels, and to reduce both foul odors and mosquito larvae populations. In addition, sub-surface aeration is used to protect pilings, moorings, and docks from damage that could occur during freezing water temperatures because of ice accumulation. This type of aeration works best within water bodies with depths of four feet and deeper. These systems require very little maintenance and can operate year round.


We are an authorized Master Distributor and Servicer of Aquamaster Fountains and Aerators.

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