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Aquatic Plant Control

Plants are necessary in water for the maintenance of all other forms of aquatic life, and have various favorable effects on the aquatic environment. However, aquatic plants may become pests depending on their abundance. Excess aquatic plant growth is considered to have a detrimental effect on water quality. The first step toward the control of plants is to identity them correctly. Aquatic plants can be controlled in two ways, chemically and mechanically. There are many different herbicides and algaecides that work well to control many species of plants. Mechanical methods include cutting, trimming, pulling, and root removal. Let us help in restoring you lake or pond back to its original beauty. 

Mechanical Weed Control

Herbicide Treatment to Remove Cattails

Before Treatment

During Treatment

After Treatment

Algae Control

The best way to control algae is through a pond management program, which may include one or all of the following items:

  • Aeration

  • Fish stocking

  • Pond or lake dying

  • Bacteria

  • Algaecides

Pond or lake dying is a good way to help control excess algae growth as well as minimizing sun penetration through the water column. It is important to note that aquatic dye is not toxic to fish or plant species within water bodies. Additionally, the use of aquatic dye contributes to the aesthetic appeal of ponds and lakes.

Controlling algae may not be an easy task. Every pond or lake needs to be analyzed to best determine the correct course of action. We can perform a survey, recommend the proper treatment plan and help bring your pond or lake back to a naturally beautiful ecosystem.

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